Christmas  is fadingNow what?

It’s over.

Time to put all the decorations away, time to re-read all the cards and letters, time to wonder what Jane/Larry/Sally/Bill were thinking when they gave you the sweater/had/scarf/picture, etc.

Time to decide what you’re going to do with aforementioned gift. Regift? (That is always dicey – what if the original giver sees it given to someone or worse yet, they receive it in a year or so because you forgot who gave it to you in the first place.)

But wait – is that all Christmas was to us? Did we not feel peace on earth, good will towards men, midnight clear, where was Bethlehem, angels to hear on high, hark!, did the herald angels sing, did the faithful come, and what about that silent night? Joy to the world! What child is this?

Does any of that equate to today’s world?

As we are well into this new year, where is God going to fit in it?

War, refugees, floods, earthquakes, fires, famine, religious persecution, political stuff, guns, bombs, politicians?

How do we maintain our faith. How do we see God in all of this? Has man gotten so off track that there is no going back?

When and where did we lose our compassion, our caring for fellow human beings? When did we lose our sense of duty? When did we decide we had all the answers and didn’t need to worship every week, read the Bible, pray, tithe or volunteer? When did our egos become so large that the e-g-o really means edging god out.

Is there a revolution on the horizon? Are we more afraid of the political/social/economic elements in our life than our relationship with God?

When we read all the Biblical verses that encourage us to “fear not,” “pray,” “trust” and “be assured,” do we feel that they are relevant in this day and age. Were they written for us or for believers thousands of years ago. How could they possibly pertain to us today? After all, we have become so sophisticated, educated, tech-savvy, medically advanced and don’t forget how scared we can get. Maybe it is time to take another look…

Just open the Bible and read for a few minutes. Keep the words in your heart and consider them. You see, they were written for you – here, right now.

By Sue Adams, Chaplain at Holly Creek Retirement Community.

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Here’s a heart-warming story of how a local Girl Scout troop is bridging the generations at Holly Creek Retirement Community. (This story originally appeared on 9NEWS, KUSA-TV, Denver. Copyright 2015 by 9NEWS and used with permission.)

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