Free Screenings at this week’s 9Health Fair from 7:00 am until 12 noon, Thursday, April 7, 2016 right here at Someren Glen Retirement Community, 4751 E Costilla Avenue, Centennial, CO 80122. Learn more at

• Ask a Medical Question and Get a Referral

• Ask a Pharmacist

• Blood Chemistry Screening (Blood Draw)

• Blood Count Screening (Blood Draw)

• Blood Pressure Screening

• Body Fat Skinfold Screening

• Breast Screening

• Colon Cancer Screening Kit

• Diabetes Risk Assessment / Education

• First Aid

• Hearing Screening

• Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening

• Hemoglobin A1c Screening (Blood Draw)

• Metabolic Syndrome Screening

• Nutrition Screening

• Pap Smear Screening

• Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) (Men Only Blood Draw)

• Screening Information Booth

• Spinal Screening (Chiropractic)

• Spinal Screening (Orthopedic)

• Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy Screening (Blood Draw)

*Screenings offered may change based on medical professional availability. Please check back before you attend the 9Health Fair.

Berna Nakityo has always enjoyed caring for people. As a certified nursing assistant, she’s worked in various settings including hospitals, group homes, home health and nursing communities. Her career path expanded, however, when she joined Christian Living Communities seven years. Read More…

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Cassie Strade, Personal Care Associate – Home Care Services On Valentine’s Day morning Cassie Strade came for a half hour assignment with a resident at Holly Creek.  Before she left Cassie asked the Concierge if after she was done she. Read More…

Loretta DeWitt, known as “Lori” to her fellow students, has a cheerful demeanor and has been praised by her professors as “engaged and determined.” So determined, in fact, that when her graduation day came, DeWitt had amassed more than 100. Read More…

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We hear the words “best in class” on television frequently when referencing cars and travel, although those ads rarely mention dignity, caring or respect as their measurement of success. Christian Living Communities polls residents on the quality of their lives. Read More…

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Durand Robinson, Copy Writer and Designer  Durand’s love for what he does, his team members, and the organization is evident every day.  As a member of the marketing team at Home Office, he consistently goes above and beyond as is. Read More…

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Russ DenBraber, CLV, CEO & President Russ was asked to donate two Broncos tickets to the Wellness Fair last October and in true unified spirit, he graciously agreed.  The winner of the tickets was Cosmin Murisan, one of Holly Creek’s. Read More…

Now what? It’s over. Time to put all the decorations away, time to re-read all the cards and letters, time to wonder what Jane/Larry/Sally/Bill were thinking when they gave you the sweater/had/scarf/picture, etc. Time to decide what you’re going to. Read More…

Guided by our mission, Christian Living Communities is compelled to constantly look at the quality of the care and services we provide and continuously improve them. To accomplish this goal and make it fun at the same time, the CLC. Read More…

Christian Living Communities earlier this month became the only multi-community organization in the country to have all of its communities recognized as Certified Centers for Successful Aging. The designation, founded by Masterpiece Living, acknowledges forward-thinking, cutting-edge leaders in the aging. Read More…

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