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At our communities, we have quite a few residents who go above and beyond with their service and care for other residents and CLC team members. Dee Deeter of Someren Glen is one of those wonderful people.

In November 2016, Dee took the time to chronicle many of the events that took place in 2016. Following is her account…

Someren Glen resident Dee DeeterIn the 1 1/2 years I’ve lived here at Someren Glen, I’ve been extremely impressed with all that occurs here, and the amount of impact the residents have in selecting programs and activities. Everything that is done here is for the benefit of our residents and the greater community.

We have a remarkably, kind, caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable group of team members as well as volunteer residents who make all of this possible. Having chosen Someren Glen as our retirement community was one of the best things we’ve done, as we travel down this road of “Masterpiece Living.”

Our residents’ and team members’ involvement and achievements for 2016:

  1. Resident initiated vintage wedding gowns and pictures display. The National Charity League girls modeled the gowns for a packed audience. We also made a DVD slide show.
  2. Republican caucus was held here.
  3. Channel 9 Health Fair held here.
  4. Showing of wedding gown slide show for residents; some watched 3 times.
  5. Residents and team members attended the National Masterpiece Living Lyceum in Denver.
  6. Welcome party hosted here for 25 – 30 National Lyceum attendees.
  7. CLC Volunteers Appreciation Breakfast served here.
  8. Someren Glen Military Veterans Photo shoot, including veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and peacetime.
  9. Every month we have a Seniors Visiting Seniors refreshment and fun afternoon.
  10. We held our own Senior Olympics with National Charity League and Someren Glen West residents in attendance. Nine games were available, and refreshments were served.
  11. Various functions and fund-raising events were initiated and participated in for the Alzheimer’s Association:
    1. Community walk (25-30 participants).
    2. Pancake breakfast.
    3. “Wear purple day.”
    4. Jeans Fridays.
    5. Residents and team members were participants in Denver Alzheimer’s Walk.
    6. Two informative Alzheimer’s lectures presented for families, friends, residents and greater community.
  12. Savvy Seconds and bake sale to benefit our “wish list” requests.
  13. Hygiene kits assembled for 35 needy people.
  14. Our knitting club knit or made over 200 items for the needy.
  15. We sponsored a “wear pink” day to support Brest Cancer Prevention.
  16. Completed 100 Life Style and 46 Mobility Reviews for our Masterpiece Living program.
  17. Planned a resident initiated semi-formal dinner with entertainment (over 70 attended).
  18. Resident initiated Salute to Veterans week with special displays and two days set aside for special dinners and entertainment.
  19. Dr. Landry, Masterpiece Living president, was a speaker at an afternoon community program and at dinner.
  20. We at Someren Glen won first Place of Care Communities in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. The three CLC communities raised $13,700.00 this year.
  21. Someren Glen is working with the City of Centennial Senior Commission Veterans Project to interview veterans in our community and sharing their stories on the City of Centennial website.
  22. October 20. Commemorated 20 years of Someren Glen by a tree planting ceremony. In attendance was Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon.
  23. Supplied transportation to voting locations to our residents.
  24. Mobile library serves Someren Glen West residents.
  25. Audiologist to lecture “Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.” This is a resident-initiated program.
  26. A resident initiated inquiry to Holly Creek about sharing a resource (pool); request made in May and permission given in October.
  27. Residents involved in assembly of “Toys for God’s Children”. Thanks to our volunteer woodworker “Dutch,” approximately 1,800 toys were donated in this collaborative effort. The hours “Dutch” has given to this project are immeasurable!

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