Do We Owe You a ‘Thank You?’

Although Christian Living Communities established the Compassion Circle to honor and thank people who include us in their estate plans, we also know that some people like to remain anonymous.  According to various surveys, more people making estate gifts to non-profit organizations decide not to share their intentions than those who do. 

The challenging part in these situations, of course, is never getting the chance to say “thank you.” 

If you have remembered Christian Living Communities in your estate plans, please know we are grateful – regardless of whether or not you decide to share the good news. Although we would enjoy the chance to express our gratitude, we also respect each person’s wish for anonymity. 

So, thank you. And please know that we will always be grateful, both now and in the future.

If you do have questions about making an estate gift to Christian Living Communities, please contact Olivia Mayer at or 720-974-3675.  Every inquiry will be held in strict confidence. 

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