Your Invitation to Live a Generous Life

Why Giving is Good

Imagine you cannot care for your house, your children are gone, and you want to downsize. You move into a retirement community with Christian Living Communities (CLC) and hope your savings will last for the rest of your life. You’re enjoying a wonderful, enriched life until one day you realize you’ve outlived your resources! Now what? Will you have to move and lose the friends you’ve made and leave the fulfilling life you are leading? That’s where CLC’s Resident Assistance Fund comes in. This fund helps with one-time or recurring needs.

This is the kind of life-changing difference your generous contribution to CLC can make. CLC is a charitable organization. We seek to carefully and responsibly manage donors’ contributions.

The Fund’s sole purpose is supporting CLC’s mission – caring for older adults with love, respect and compassion, and enriching the quality and dignity of life for each individual, with opportunities to grow.

If you’d like to enrich the lives of older adults today, click on one of the many options available to you – we appreciate your partnership.

Here is more information on these specific ways to give:

Contact Donor Relations

For more information, call our Donor Relations Department at 720.974.3555, or you can contact us by email.