Holly Creek’s Got Talent!

The Connections Committee performed a rousing version of the Village People’s “YMCA”

Who’s got talent? Holly Creek’s got talent!

A partnership between the Connections Committee and seven Regis University students produced the perfect way to showcase Holly Creek’s uniquely gifted residents and staff—a talent show dubbed “Holly Creek’s Got Talent!” To recruit the acts, students created flyers that were dispersed throughout the community inviting staff and residents alike to participate. Once the event was coordinated and planned, a student-created invitation was sent to all residents encouraging attendance.

The event, held on Thursday, May 4th, featured eight acts and was a great success. The show opened with the Connections Committee members dressed as the Village People performing “YMCA”. The committee members danced and invited the audience to participate—soon all were out of their seats doing the familiar actions!

Resident Jack Vente’s final act also included the audience singing “Auld Lang Syne” to end the show. When asked to vote on their favorite act, attendees chose resident Hugh Petrie’s act “Casey at the Bat” for first place and the Connections Committee came in second place. It was standing-room only as approximately 75 people applauded and cheered at the end of the event!

In the days following, we were approached repeatedly by residents and staff urging Holly Creek to make this an annual event. Hugh, the first place winner, gave his prize (a #1 balloon) to the committee members as a gesture of his appreciation, and the committee also received a thank you letter from the president of the resident council. The buzz is still going on about what will happen next year!

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