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Written by Chris Vanderveen, 9News

CENTENNIAL – If idle hands are indeed the devil’s tools, then consider the work of their hands practically worthy of sainthood.

“We do this every Wednesday at 10,” a smiling Daphne Lovelace said. “We’re cutting coupons.”

Nearly a dozen of her fellow residents at the Holly Creek Retirement Community are sitting in chairs at various spots around a room that doubles as the Wednesday-night Bunco headquarters.

How many coupons?

“Oh, I’d hate to say. It must be in the thousands,” Lovelace said.

All of the clipping and snipping taking place around her would make the owner of a hair salon envious.

“This is one way we thought we could help,” Holly Creek volunteer coordinator Kitty Dobbs said.

The clipped coupons are destined to go to military bases in Belgium and Italy as part of a program known as the “Overseas Coupon Program.” You can learn more at

“You just have to volunteer,” added clipper James Burghardt, a World War II-era veteran himself. “You have to help these guys out. Every little bit helps.”

Dobbs figures the group has helped ship

via Clipping and shipping 100 pounds of coupons overseas |

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Evelyn Lefferding shops at a new convenience store inside Clermont Park in University Hills. One factor that sets the retirement community’s expansion financing apart is the large number of individuals who bought bonds in the offering. (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver. Read More…

For many, the holidays are about traditions. This year, The Village in Centennial may have landed on a new custom by paying homage to an old one. It began on Dec. 15 when The Village residents were invited to go. Read More…

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Registered nurse Barbara Oatley of The Johnson Center heads up the Bonfils Blood Center drives held for the past 11 years at the senior community in Centennial. For 11 years, friends and employees of Christian Living Communities have been rolling. Read More…

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The final phase of construction is underway at Clermont Park to make way for the new residential living apartments, fellowship hall and dining room – all scheduled to open in early 2013. See the video of staff member Linda Wirth. Read More…

Veterans from Christian Living Communities’ The Village were honored by students from two Centennial schools last Friday as part of separate Veteran’s Day celebrations. Ike Isaacson, Al Long and Leo Olesen from the Centennial retirement community took part in a. Read More…

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Christian Living Communities has been selected to take part in this year’s Colorado Gives Day –Dec. 6, 2011, a 24-hour fundraising blitz initiated by the Community First Foundation and FirstBank to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. By being. Read More…

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The sale of $36.5 million in bonds is to be used expand Clermont Park. Proceeds from the bond sale will allow CLC to complete the expansion of the the Clermont Park Retirement Community near South Colorado Boulevard and Yale Avenue. Read More…

Clermont Park residents, staff and family perfmorming a flash mob to the tune of thriller in the town center marketplace. News Story on Channel 2.