The Mile High City towers above most of the other 50 cities surveyed in the environment category. Its scenic location at the base of the Rocky Mountains and enviable 300 sunny days per year—with more sunshine than Miami Beach or San Diego, according to the Denver Travel and Visitor Bureau—help the city’s senior residents maintain their sunny outlook.

Outdoor activities no doubt help Denver’s older citizens maintain their health as well, which is why the city enjoys lower rates of disease and depression and a high ranking for life expectancy. In addition, Denver is home to Denver Health, the hospital with the lowest mortality rate of any academic medical center in the U.S. A strong score for safety rounds out the city’s many strengths. For more information, visit

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The Centennial Citizen reports on the new Centennial Senior Commission. The group has begun working with city council to help assess and address the needs of the city’s senior population. Christian Living Communities is represented by Tim Rogers (ex-officio member). Read More…

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Over the course of the last twelve months, Pinnacle Quality Insight, a nationally recognized customer satisfaction firm, has interviewed the customers of Christian Living Communities regarding their satisfaction levels. Customers were asked to evaluate several aspects of their received services.. Read More…

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  Christian Living Communities raised over $700 for the Alzheimer’s Association at this past Friday’s Annual Boat Regatta at Holly Creek Retirement Community. Teams composed of residents and staff competed in a tournament racing their boats made only of cardboard, duct tape, and plastic. Read More…

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KWGN reports on how seniors from the Adult Day hosted elementary school students for a picnic. The seniors provided the students with backpacks full of school supplies.

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Coming soon. Please check back here for the latest in donor news.

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