3 Founders: Meindert Bosch, Earl Lammers and Gary Rietsema

3 Founders: Meindert Bosch, Earl Lammers and Gary Rietsema at the 2016 Founder’s Day Breakfast


This week, Christian Living Communities celebrated another year of service to seniors at the Founder’s Day Breakfast held at Clermont Park. Those who gathered were many of the people whose personal values, character and commitment were instrumental in making CLC what it is today. Four words come to mind to describe this legacy of love: enduring, comprehensive, inspirational and trusted.


Time is one of life’s most valuable assets. For 44 years, Christian Living Communities has been demonstrating commitment to ministry in the lives of senior adults.


First residents

Our First Residents – 1972

CLC invests deeply into the lives of older adults across their spectrum of need; physical, social, intellectual and spiritual. Testimony to that fact this year was having all three of CLC’s owned and operated communities recognized by Masterpiece Living as Centers for Successful Aging.


Christian Living Communities is an organization that reflects the kind of Christian love, respect and compassion that inspires team members, volunteers and even other like-minded organizations to greater service. CLC residents, volunteers and associates provided significant assistance through cash, in-kind gifts, assistance and subsidized services to helping individuals and worthwhile organizations.

Our first associates

Our First Associates – 1972

Perhaps no greater compliment to the value of this organization is seeing others who are focused on older adults look to CLC for leadership.

Thanks to each person who has contributed through these 44 years at Christian Living Communities for enriching the quality and dignity of life for so many.

Happy birthday, CLC!

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