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Earlier this month, 14 Clermont Park residents along with three team members ventured to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park for an overnight outing. The impetus for the adventure, like many at Clermont Park, was generated by a resident.

“Growing up with ‘nature-loving’ parents, I learned at a young age all about birds, trout fishing, arrowhead hunting, camping, and eating wild game (antelope, deer and elk),” said resident Evelyn Lyons. “When I asked Moriah if Clermont ever made trips to the mountains, she began her research and soon I was told the plans were in place.”

During the two-day outing, that was funded in part through donations to CLC, the group hiked along Bear Lake, enjoyed a campfire cookout complete with S’mores, and drank in the beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

“It was a happy, memorable trip- allowing us to get better acquainted, showing off God’s creations, and filling my mind with similar childhood memories,” says Lyons.

Below, resident Trudy Vander Veen shares some of her memories of the overnight trip.

Delighting in high, white, snow-covered peaks silhouetted against “EMERALD” skies.*
By Trudy Vander Veen

Buying taffy in Estes Park for those back at Clermont Park
Watching the fast-moving whitewater along the Estes Park River Walk
Trying to persuade Jack that the Y Camp wasn’t the same as when he saw it 30 years ago!!
Trying to persuade Trudy that there wouldn’t be bunk beds in the Lodge bedrooms!
Seeing with delight an elk with a huge velvet-covered rack near the entrance of the Park
Surprised (dismayed?) that our hall in the Rams Horn Lodge was named HOLY HILL!!
Unexpectedly sharing the night-time fire circle with a family with young children
A boy from that family explaining the “oven” in a campfire (best place to roast marshmallows!)
Champion marshmallow roaster, Sue, eating four s’mores (rumor has that it was five!)
Evelyn finding the perfect pine cone and trying to keep others from stealing it
Amazed at seeing the full moon shining through the pines on the way home from the campfire
Then seeing that brilliant moon high above the darkened mountain peaks
Jack and Trudy meeting Sue in unplanned early morning rendezvous on rocks outside the Lodge
Discovering that this year, 2015, is the Centennial year of Rocky Mountain National Park
Andrew walking an icy path to Bear Lake shore with a big box of apples and juice for us
Sitting on a log bench and talking with an elderly lady in black dress and white bonnet (Amish) about her nine children and the one who had died
Molly rejoicing over finding and purchasing and her long-sleeved T-shirt at Bear Lake Lodge
Martha finding a table in the crowded Dining Room that could seat our whole gang
Connie experiencing reawakened memories while passing through her “home” town, Longmont
Marveling over and greatly appreciating the tons of TLC given by our wonderful staff members:
Andrew, Karen and Kayleen

*From the framed poem in the Art Gallery at Bear Lake Visitor Center:

“High up where the glaciers melt and icy streams arise;
up where flinty peaks stab at emerald skies” – Will LaPage

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