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May 18, 2015 | Posted in News | Leave a comment

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SMILE stands for Service,Mission, Integrity, Leadership, and ExcellenceCaitlin Burns, Office Manager – Christian Living Services

One might say Caitlin is simply doing her job when she leaps into support her team mates and others working on CLS projects.  However, the manner in which she does goes above and beyond.

The volume of activity at this time and constant changes to project scope has Caitlin revising drafts, rescheduling meetings, and juggling like a pro!

She supports the team with a smile, thanks everyone for the support they provide her and always asks what else she can do.  She is a strong supporter of the team and goals of the organization!

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May 1, 2015 | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Dan Parker, Executive Director of Facilities Services, Home Office and David Strain, Associate Executive Director, Someren Glen and April Long, Community Relations Coordinator, Holly Creek Yesterday, 4/21, was the day for a planned move for a resident who was moving. Read More…

Starbucks isn’t the only one to help its associates get a college education. Christian Living Communities has a long history of awarding scholarships to deserving team members. The life stories of past recipients are inspiring and powerful. Consider awardee Cosmin. Read More…

Nikki Greenwood – SRD, Home Care Services Nikki has been helping the Assisted Living life enrichment team at Clermont Park for the past month and the team says, “she is a natural!”  Nikki stepped into this roll with enthusiasm while the. Read More…

April 6, 2015 | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Cheryl Ludwick, Corporate Information Coordinator Cheryl is a wonderful example of someone who keeps their promises and in this situation, goes above and beyond. Recently a new team member joined the home office and like most new employees, was somewhat. Read More…

March 23, 2015 | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Jan Franken, Billing Specialist When a family member takes time to recognize the service they receive from a team member, you know the team member is extraordinary.  Recently a family member wrote in to share the exceptional service and experience. Read More…

All three of our short-term rehabilitation neighborhoods received multiple Customer Experience Awards recently. The awards are based on survey’s conducted by Pinnacle Insights, a national quality measurement company. To put this in perspective, our rehabilitation partner, Infinity Rehab, has more. Read More…

February 27, 2015 | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Jennifer Wetzler, Community Support Services Home Care C.N.A. This SMILE Star recognition comes from a resident who was touched deeply by Jennifer’s actions.  The resident fell in the exercise room while playing ping pong – say’s she “just got carried. Read More…

February 16, 2015 | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Interested in more about the impact of donations to Christian Living Communities? Check out the most recent addition of the donor newsletter, Generous Living Update. Previously titled the Stewardship Quarterly, the newsletter has undergone a redesign to freshen its look. Read More…

  This March will mark a year since Christian Living Services (CLS), a sister organization to Christian Living Communities, was created. CLS is a taxable, not-for-profit organization offering consulting and management services for the senior living industry. In that short. Read More…

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