Reaching for the Pinnacle

Pinnacle Best in Class AwardWe hear the words “best in class” on television frequently when referencing cars and travel, although those ads rarely mention dignity, caring or respect as their measurement of success. Christian Living Communities polls residents on the quality of their lives in their neighborhoods monthly through the Pinnacle organization. We ask about the basics of dining and housekeeping and work diligently to keep those at a high standard. However, what matters most to us is the quality of our relationships with people and if our interactions preserve their dignity and show them we care and respect them.

It is with this in mind that I eagerly read every survey and every comment. Sometimes the comments we receive unveil a trend where improvement should be pursued, but most of the time they reaffirm our extraordinary commitment to those we serve and to CLC’s core values – particularly respect and compassion.

It is with great pride that I announce the results of the annual Pinnacle awards in which all three of our communities won the “best in class” distinction in a variety of categories. Reaching this Pinnacle of satisfaction is our goal, and our very nature.

Here is a sampling of those awards from 2015:

  • Understood procedures
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Overall response to concerns
  • Recommend to others
  • Pace of progress
  • Atmosphere/therapy area
  • Overall customer experience
  • Knowledge/skills of therapists

Congratulations and thank you to our associates whose compassion and commitment make a difference and keep us climbing every day!

– by Cindy Hogan, President of Christian Living Communities

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