Spark 2017: Our First Ever Sales and Marketing Summit

Team members at the Spark 2017 Marketing Summit experience empathy training.

Fresh ideas and inspiring discussion ignited our teams at the Spark 2017 Marketing Summit held at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, Colorado. Executive directors and sales team members from eight of our communities gathered with our support associates on July 10th and 11th to hear from national experts on topics including digital advertising, trends in interior design, building prospect relationships and a “how-to” session on integrating dining into our marketing programs.

The Brewery was the perfect venue for the Summit because—like CLC—the organization is on a tremendous growth path that celebrates and honors their Colorado roots.

Our award-winning CNA Mentor Program team led a Tuesday morning empathy training session which allowed team members to experience the effects of common aging ailments.  The goal of this training was to evoke a sense of empathy—or walking in a resident’s shoes—rather than just sympathy. Many found this to be a powerful experience.

Each team member left the Summit with valuable insights and as well as a stronger connection to their counterparts across the organization. Most importantly, they left inspired to do their part to “spark” a passion for senior living in the communities they serve.

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  1. CLC continues to be a leading force for social change in the industry, thanks for sharing your latest innovative steps!

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