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Holly Creek’s Peaceful Reprieve: Quiet Waters Retreat

Thanks to the generosity of Holly Creek residents and friends of Holly Creek, the community soon will have a peaceful reprieve from the distractions of daily life. On Sept. 25 at 1:30 pm the community will dedicate the new Quiet. Read More…

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Annual Boat Regatta: Making Waves for the Alzheimer’s Association

Holly Creek’s swimming pool was once again awash with activity as the community hosted its 10th Annual Boat Regatta on August 3rd to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. The six boat entries, made only of cardboard and duct tape, were festively. Read More…

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Supporting Your Goals & Growth

We all have career goals, but as Christian Living Communities’ employee Cosmin Muresan shares, “In an ideal world, everyone is supposed to have money to pursue their dreams to go to school and achieve a degree. But, we are not. Read More…

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A Retirement Community from a Server’s Perspective

In my two plus years at Holly Creek I have learned a fair amount about retirement communities, or more specifically just the community at Holly Creek. I actually can’t speak on other retirement communities. Some of my favorite things about. Read More…

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Library of Congress Veterans History Project

Students from the Community College of Aurora are conducting interviews of seven WWII Veterans who live at Holly Creek. The project hopes to record stories before they are lost. Fox 31 Video

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“Neurobics” get brain pumping, may help prevent memory loss

The Denver Post reports on Holly Creek’s neurobics class by Masterpiece living for improving brain fitness. Here’s the rest of the article. <A HREF=&quot;https://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=L&amp;ai=C1E_59A8EV8GnC9jopAO7pqrYDc2u0MkIjayD344BwI23ARABIABgyYaAgMyjwBeCARdjYS1wdWItNTgzMTg2NjE5MTEyODA1N8gBCeACAKgDAaoEvAFP0FHi69Vs7wovvFcGBIs2x4N4JS0tP6AcZYAto-jY9VTgR8KThBAnfj7YPjNnzDGdGIzsUhqNs82kEEvGwrTGEAuBAF0g3ec0qoE8Zj3OccfL662UF6mhWo9NwFMEfhSpvSViaIU_bNu_N94WvHu9aLjdrJMAtBxr-FDNe4fJFrBXpU7hnIwoFw2xV0piyPa678LNO064ZF6DY5yb8SflplpUWMrXhCnKZLJuUpLKRi_Pxb1cVA3HITjU3OAEAYAGzbye-s77-5_PAaAGIagHpr4b2AcA&amp;num=1&amp;sig=AOD64_0O7Z3FQUQKGtZZeWWsvSR0rIJrYQ&amp;client=ca-pub-5831866191128057&amp;adurl=https://bid.g.doubleclick.net/xbbe/creative/jump%3Fd%3DAPEucNVr-AhGhbD_6pH5V-3u9GR80Cia7VjL8AGda1O5MCCTKDsTA0ajKzqt-7jJ0HaU7SpZD2mNgMPZ4TPajZzWmoTJSjNZU09PWPekOqvDwMkNxnUYkxEeVBldMJk3IVTFK1Hr6gQ8_8V_RG7gvwIhgFFIvi9e57VnJTHe4wdzK4AAWi4-XZIYLUEToL6x37PJycKK4TADCVkKoJT5wJudoJDvwAJhzy-MjzEyzI0MFQk2vzN6JcKjH9p1M7EiaMIaNBJ98bm9k96p0hjiU_doZ1RIARbiU-Hz5FSp7mdQB-zn-4CAqhk-C3x1arZGP6Vt_28OAYSYfAf_aO8dTOgzTxqlMQmZVlfWdW3Kk0E95QSF6lDoFIq9ioJFMWaMletg7qiHQhsJlfYAzfAojfkB2nGOeLuRXQ&quot;><IMG SRC=&quot;https://bid.g.doubleclick.net/xbbe/creative/ad?d=APEucNVr-AhGhbD_6pH5V-3u9GR80Cia7VjL8AGda1O5MCCTKDsTA0ajKzqt-7jJ0HaU7SpZD2mNgMPZ4TPajZzWmoTJSjNZU09PWPekOqvDwMkNxnUYkxEeVBldMJk3IVTFK1Hr6gQ8_8V_RG7gvwIhgFFIvi9e57VnJTHe4wdzK4AAWi4-XZIYLUEToL6x37PJycKK4TADCVkKoJT5wJudoJDvwAJhzy-MjzEyzI0MFQk2vzN6JcKjH9p1M7EiaMIaNBJ98bm9k96p0hjiU_doZ1RIARbiU-Hz5FSp7mdQB-zn-4CAqhk-C3x1arZGP6Vt_28OAYSYfAf_aO8dTOgzTxqlMQmZVlfWdW3Kk0E95QSF6lDoFIq9ioJFMWaMletg7qiHQhsJlfYAzfAojfkB2nGOeLuRXQ&amp;pr=VwQP9AAC08EKaTRYAAqTOxDMTMvZnKX7FjtnIQ&quot; BORDER=0 WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 ALT=&quot;Advertisement&quot;></A> As we age, one of the biggest worries is the prospect. Read More…

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