Who is Terry Rogers?

Terry Rogers and his wife Beth at Christian Living Communities' Earthen Vessel Dinner in October, 2016.

Terry Rogers and his wife Beth at Christian Living Communities Earthen Vessel Dinner in October 2016

As a high school student, Terry Rogers drove Jefferson County School District buses in Birmingham, Alabama, to take younger students on field trips. As the new President and CEO of Christian Living Communities (CLC), a Greenwood Village-based senior living and care provider, Rogers is driving the company’s mission of empowering older adults to age successfully.

Since 1972, Christian Living Communities has served the needs of Colorado older adults and their families. The not-for-profit organization provides services ranging from residential living to assisted living; skilled nursing and dementia care at four communities and provides both Home Care and Adult Day Services. Rogers is the fourth CEO to lead the organization. He replaced Russ Den Braber, who retired this fall after serving in that position for 14 years.

Most of Roger’s professional career has been in senior and home health services. As an accounting major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he took a temporary position with the Upjohn Company, which had a branch that provided homecare services. After graduation, that part-time job turned into a full-time position, and his passion for serving seniors has spanned a 27-year career.

Just prior to coming to CLC, Rogers was CEO of St. Martins of the Pines for 16 years, a Birmingham-based retirement community that provides independent and assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia care.

“When my family and I became aware of the position at Christian Living Communities, we were very excited,” said Rogers. “We had made a list of places to consider living and Colorado was high on that list. I wanted to be part of a progressive organization and since CLC’s plans center around faith-based, mission-driven growth, it was a perfect fit for me.”

Rogers has two young-adult sons, Josh and Logan, and his wife Beth is a physician who is board certified in emergency medicine.

According to Rogers, senior care is built on relationships so he plans to nurture existing relationships while building new ones.

“CLC has been serving south metro Denver for nearly 45 years and one of my primary objectives is to talk to as many people as possible so I can fully appreciate and advance the positive impact we are making on people’s lives,” CLC’s culture of person-centered care will continue as we grow to meet the needs of our aging population,” added Rogers.

With the coming of the “Silver Tsunami,” the name used by experts to describe the population of aging boomers expected to double by 2030, demand for senior care services is increasing up and down the Front Range.

“CLC is well prepared to diversify all of the services we provide to meet the growing needs of older adults and I’m honored to be on the front line to meet those needs. And when I’m not on the front line, I’ll be taking full advantage the great lifestyle Colorado affords including skiing,” said Rogers.

Since 1972, Christian Living Communities (CLC) has been providing quality services and care for older adults in the south Denver metropolitan area. CLC is a Greenwood Village-based not-for-profit that touches the lives of more than 1,000 older adults. For more information, call 720-974-3555.

This article was written by Chuck Montera and originally appeared on Denver Post’s YourHub website.

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