Why Senior Living?

Why would I leave my established home in my comfortable neighborhood where I know my neighbors and my neighbors know me? Great questions – now let us ask you a few…

Do you enjoy everything about your home? The maintenance, yard work, cleaning, repairs? How often do you get together with your neighbors lets say for exercise classes, card games, gourmet meals or to learn more about the latest technology craze? Do you worry about your safety and well-being, what would happen if you needed care in the future?

Deciding to move to a senior living or as we like to say, a re-fired living community is a personal choice and the timing is different for everyone.

What we do know from our partners at Masterpiece Living™ is that successful aging, 70% of physical aging and 50% of mental aging is determined by the lifestyle choices we make every day (based on a 10-year study in partnership with MacArthur Foundation). Being connected socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually reduces risk for disease or injury, and helps you enjoy an engaging older adulthood.

Life at a community is filled with possibilities and growth, connections and peace of mind. Here you are able to re-fire an old hobby or discover a new one. If you seek quiet and solitude, you simply enjoy the comforts of your home or find a quiet community nook to relax. If you experience a change in your health either short-term or long-term , you have access to 5-star rated health care right in your community – keeping you connected with friends and activities.

Another way to look at it is to weigh the costs of maintaining your home vs what senior living offers, click here to print out a form that helps line it all up side by side for you.

At Christian Living Communities you are known. We celebrate your personal history and partner with you in creating the future of your dreams. Choice, respect, compassion and sincere appreciation for you are what you’ll find at any one of our communities. It’s clearly in our mission and values; and when the time is right, living at a CLC community will clearly be the best choice for you.

“When we started looking for a retirement community in 2012, we developed an extensive checklist to guide our decision. We looked for friendly residents and staff in a welcoming environment, well-designed apartments, a broad range of physical, spiritual, intellectual and social activities, excellent food with lots of eating options, good transportation and varied excursions. . . It seemed too good to be true, but we have found that it really is that good.” -Carol Hodge and Hugh Petrie, residents at Holly Creek since 2013.