At Christian Living Communities, we meet older adults on their aging journeys and partner with them for successful and fulfilling experiences. As a nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of residents, families and our community partners to help fulfill our vision to create communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

Monthly giving is a sustainable and intentional way to help fund areas that offer support to those in need, enhance programs and services, and provide special training for team members. All of which enrich the lives of both residents and team members.

Jesse (not her real name), a resident at Clermont Park who receives financial assistance, had been sleeping in her recliner for weeks. Her adjustable bed was broken. She was exhausted and uncomfortable. Thanks to the generosity of friends, residents and family members, Jesse received a gift for $550 to have her bed fixed. She’s overjoyed to be sleeping comfortably in her bed.

That’s the kind of real difference your monthly gift can make for someone at CLC. Care, love and compassion drive our monthly giving program to provide life-changing support and opportunities for the people who live and work in our communities at CLC.

Bring joy and enrichment to residents. Recurring gifts can help sustain enrichment and programming residents love, including art classes, lecture series and concerts that create opportunities for socializing, learning and joy. Social engagement has key benefits that include reducing the risk of dementia, promoting physical and mental well-being, preventing social isolation, keeping older adults technologically current, and helping residents transform their personal stories of aging.

Provide assistance to those in need. Recurring gifts also create a dependable stream of revenue offering relief and hope for team members and residents who may experience an unforeseen financial hardship or event through no fault of their own. Recurring gifts can be designated to the Resident Assistant Fund or the Team Member Critical Needs Fund, demonstrating your care, love and compassion for those who need immediate assistance.

Becoming a C.L.C. Partner today allows you to spread the financial impact of your giving across the entire year at an amount you are comfortable with. This dependable stream of revenue allows CLC to thrive year-round. What a wonderful way to demonstrate your big heart for the organization we all love, and the people we care about.

For more information or to learn about the different areas you can support with a monthly donation, please contact Stormie Foust Maley, Annual Giving Manager, at 720-974-3642 or

How to Become a C.L.C. Partner:

  • Set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
  • Make a recurring credit card payment online.
  • Send a monthly check to Donor Relations: c/o Donor Relations, 9570 S. Kingston Ct., Ste 300 Englewood, CO 80112
  • Residents, you can add a donation to your monthly billing cycle. Speak to your community Business Manager to learn about this easy way to make a difference in the lives of neighbors and team members.
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