Non-Profit Senior Living

As a non-profit organization, CLC is committed to our mission - to enrich the lives of older adults - as the cornerstone of all decision making.

We are accountable to an all-volunteer board of directors, not shareholders. This means that rather than focusing on maximizing profits in the interest of shareholders, CLC prioritizes residents' well-being above all else.

Our profits are managed for the future growth of our organization to ensure its vitality and ability to meet and grow our mission.


2023 Annual Report

Our 2023 Annual Report highlights Christian Living Communities fortitude in all seasons, rooted in our mission, vision, and values. We invite you to flip through its pages to learn more about CLC's focus on moving forward with fortitude and strengthening our foundation for the future, our financial information for 2023, and community involvement and philanthropy.



Company Financials

Christian Living Communities is governed by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our Board of Directors establishes policies, reviews operational results, guides strategic thought and approves budget – all while ensuring adherence to our faith-based core values and vision.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. We obtain an annual audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards by an independent public accounting firm, Clifton Larson Allen, LLP. Christian Living Communities believes in complete financial transparency, and therefore makes our financial statements available to view or download here, or call us for a copy at 720-606-2440.

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