As 2021 winds down, we are thankful for so many things, especially as this last year brought more bravely-faced challenges with COVID-19. In our efforts to create communities where aging is honored and celebrated, we are pleased to announce that several Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions communities have earned the designation of 2021-2022 Best Nursing Homes by U.S. News & World Report. This designation goes only to those communities meeting the standards of key services and consistent performance in quality measures.

Casey’s Pond and Clermont Park have been recognized as two of the 2021-2022 Best Nursing Homes for Short-Term Rehabilitation & Long-Term Care. Someren Glen was named as a 2021-2022 Best Nursing Homes for Short-Term Rehabilitation.

Communities were rated on meeting certain patient safety standards, including COVID-19 vaccination rates, appropriate antipsychotic drug use, emergency room visit statistics and other criteria. Also included for short-term rehabilitation are data on consistent registered nurse staffing and fall prevention.

It goes without saying that an incredible amount of care, focus and hard work goes into meeting the stringent requirements needed to earn these prestigious awards, especially during the ongoing pandemic crisis. The dedication of our team members continues to provide strength, hope and encouragement to all of us at CLC-Cappella and those we serve.

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