A lot has changed since the founders of Christian Living Communities, CLC, dug shovels into the earth leading to the dedication of University Hills Christian Nursing Home on May 7, 1972.

We know from the stories of those who were part of the founding, that people came together, overcame obstacles, and did what needed to be done to ensure that the vision of University Hills Christian Nursing Home would become a reality. That steadfast faith and commitment to the important work and mission of our organization have led CLC to weather the storms and impact the lives of thousands of people over our 50 years of service.

Our vision of “creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated” is more than a tagline on our website. It’s what we strive for. It’s where we focus our energy on the future. Since childhood, we’ve been taught that being old is something to dread. That being old is a time of decline and stagnation and having nothing of value left to give to the world. We have a different view here at Christian Living Communities.

The work we do in pushing back against these negative views of aging introduces a new reality – one in which aging brings the promise of momentum, continued growth and learning, true belonging, and meaningful purpose.

Our Life Enrichment teams at CLC partner with residents to bring a variety of rich programming and activities into CLC’s six owned communities. Monthly giving is a sustainable and intentional way to fund areas that promote healthy and thriving communities, creating a consistent base of support that residents, team members, and families can depend on year after year.

This type of funding sustains rich programming for residents, including art classes, concerts, and lectures that create opportunities for socializing, learning, and joy. To date, $55,683.00 has been raised through recurring gifts.

We are grateful for the continued support of CLC’s faithful community. Together, we will continue to meet older adults on their aging journey to partner with them for a successful and fulfilling experience – to re-fire living!

Jill Vitale-Aussem

President and CEO

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