Here is a collection of inspirational messages from Christian Living Communities’ Chaplains to encourages us during this challenging time.

Jim Kok Reflects on Self-Care

What Does Perfection Mean?

Chaplain Jim Kok Reflects on National Nurses Week

Giving Thanks to Those Fighting for Us Today

How are you changed by the current crisis? How are you changing the world around you?

Is suffering ever helpful? Chaplain Brian Bortz climbs to the top of the Bluffs in Lone Tree, Colorado to give us some perspective on suffering- a very applicable message for this Good Friday. We hope you will find life, and light and hope and a new perspective.

Jim Kok, Executive Director of Chaplain Services for Christian Living Communities, delivers an inspirational and encouraging message for such a time as this. Chaplain Kok has been with CLC since 1983 and is a much-needed voice of calm amid the current chaos. We want to share this message with all of our residents, family members, and our team members and say thank you for your patience during this difficult time. May we all, as Jim reminds us, ‘feed the good wolf.’

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