For the second consecutive year, Christian Living Communities (CLC) has been awarded the World’s Best Culture certification. Our team members and residents are beaming with pride over this recognition of our exceptional workplace culture.

WorldBest Badge 2024 BLUEThis certification is given to senior living organizations by Drive, a consultancy firm that specializes in senior living culture, and is determined through the Barrett Values Assessment by Barrett Values Centre. This robust tool, used by renowned organizations such as Mastercard, Coca Cola, Prudential, Wegmans, PWC, and Volvo, has evaluated thousands of companies worldwide. With over four million culture assessments and 25 years of data in its database, Barrett Values Centre offers a rigorous benchmark for measuring organizational culture.

In the News

CLC’s 2023 World's Best Culture Certification was featured in a national healthcare publication, McKnight’s Senior Living.

The organizational score comes from survey results provided by team members in all nine CLC-Cappella communities, the support office, and Rhythms Home Care. In all, 86% of total organizational employees responded to the survey.

The Culture Values Assessment gives team members an opportunity to share their personal values, the current values of their community, and desired values of their ideal workplace. These results revealed that the top current culture values at CLC were caring, teamwork, compassion, and accountability. These core values reflect our commitment to cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment where each individual feels valued and respected. By prioritizing these values, it ensures that our team is not only aligned with our mission but is motivated to bring the highest standard of care to our residents and staff.

This alignment between personal and organizational values is what makes CLC a place where employees and residents can thrive. Evidence-based research shows a direct correlation between personal and organizational values and an increase in retention and performance. One study conducted by Qualtrics suggests that nearly half (46%) of workers in the United States say they are considering leaving their current job due to values misalignment.


CLC's 2024 Workplace Culture Score


Achieving a World’s Best Culture certification requires a minimum score of 70 on the Culture Values Assessment. To provide context, the Global Average is 55, the Healthcare Average is 50, and Drive’s senior living communities average is 64. Last year, CLC surpassed this benchmark with a score of 76. This year, we are proud to announce that CLC achieved an outstanding culture score of 83. This remarkable score not only highlights CLC’s phenomenal workplace culture within the senior living industry, but also sets us apart from companies across various sectors worldwide.

Being recognized as one of the world’s best cultures is incredibly important to Christian Living Communities. This designation has instilled a profound sense of pride among current team members and residents while attracting individuals who share our mission and values. At CLC, potential residents and families are keenly aware of workforce challenges and understand that resident well-being relies on consistent, relationship-based interactions with engaged team members who embody CLC’s values. The certification tells the world that CLC is a great place to live and to work!


We’re elated to celebrate this honor for the second consecutive year, as it allows us to further learn and grow. Following last year’s certification, each of our communities, including our support office, dug into the results, engaged in meaningful conversation with team members, and set measurable goals for improvement. Our increased score is a testament to the hard work CLC has put into maintaining an exceptional workplace culture. Collaborative approaches to improvement are the cornerstone of our CLC Citizenship approach to community life.”

Jill Vitale-Aussem, CLC’s President & CEO


We are proud to announce that six of CLC’s senior living communities also earned the World’s Best Culture distinction.


World’s Best Culture Score

Casey’s Pond 73
Clermont Park 83
Dayspring Villa 83
Holly Creek 88
Someren Glen 87
Sunny Vista 87
CLC Overall 83

“Applying globally recognized culture measurements to aging services means those organizations earning this high distinction have the caring heart of a senior living provider AND the culture of a world-class business leader,” shares Denise Boudreau, Drive Founder & President.



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