In 2020, through your generosity, you lightened the load for 73 team members through the Critical Needs Fund. Your gifts provided hope to so many facing unforeseen hardships this past year due to the pandemic. By recognizing this need, you helped team members pay for groceries, housing, car repairs, utilities and medical bills. You’ve provided peace of mind, and associates are so thankful.

Here’s one team member’s story and expression of gratitude: “I had a baby earlier this year (2020) and soon after, everything was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were too concerned to let my husband go to work and potentially bring COVID home to our infant. On returning after my 12 week maternity leave, we also decided that the safest care situation for our baby boy would be to stay home with dad instead of a daycare. This loss of income impacted our bills, and it has taken many months to work off payment plans and get things caught up. Because of the help of the Critical Needs Fund, I was able to pay a part of my bills and take a big step towards resolving my situation. Thank you so much from me and my family to the donors who support this assistance fund. It is such a blessing!”

From all of us at Christian Living Communities, thank you for helping our communities so we can continue to thrive!

If you’d like to learn more about the Critical Needs Fund or other giving opportunities, please contact  Stephanie Manley, Director of Philanthropy, or Stormie Foust Maley, Annual Giving Manager, for more information.

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