Written by: Dr. Amy Dore | Christian Living Communities Board Chair

I first met Someren Glen resident Bob more than ten years ago through my work with the Volunteer Advisory Committee. Bob was a storyteller and had an amazing memory!

The Covid-19 pandemic kept Bob and I from visiting, but we stayed close through weekly phone calls and our continued practice of mailing one another. I have a collection of cards he sent me over the years. He always used “agape” when signing those cards.

Agape is Greek for love that is unconcerned with oneself and concerned with the greatest good of another.

Through the years, your cherished gifts have provided purpose with indoor gardens and knitting supplies, technology to help residents stay connected with their families, financial help for residents in need, and vital training for team members.

During this Season of Giving, I want to invite you to join me in spreading the meaning of agape by demonstrating your care and compassion for older adults by making a year-end gift today. By making a year-end gift before December 31st, you will enrich the lives of older adults, bringing purposeful living to residents and supporting team members whose love expressed day in and day out is the heart of Christian Living Communities. Agape in action.

I want to personally thank you for the love you’ve shown Bob and countless others by creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.


Amy Dore


About the Author

Dr. Amy Dore

Dr. Amy Dore is the CLC Board Chair and is a professor at Metropolitan State University

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