The year 2020 brought unpredictable challenges due to COVID-19. A small group of mighty donors, lovingly called “Faithful Partners” at CLC, provided a dependable stream of financial support with their monthly gifts offering a lifeline of hope for both residents and team members who were greatly affected by the pandemic. Impact from these recurring gifts included donor dollars from the General Mission fund that expanded assistance to the Critical Needs fund providing peace of mind to team members last year who faced unforeseen hardships during COVID.

Recurring gifts are an intentional way to provide a steady flow of income, within your means of comfort, allowing you to make a bigger impact by extending the reach of support throughout our community.

Jane Hammond, a resident and neighbor at Clermont Park, has been giving monthly for several years now. When asked why she enjoys giving in this way, supporting both the Resident Assistance fund and Critical Needs fund, Jane said: “They both fall under the same umbrella. People are in need of help and that’s why I do it.”

Jane remembers times in her life where she struggled to put a meal on the table for her family. Jane believes in helping her neighbors because she has been there herself. She hopes that the people who are receiving help know that as the person giving, she has felt the same hopelessness in the past. “It is important to help and offer a giving hand when you can.”

There are 4 easy ways to give!

  1. If you are a resident, you can simply add a donation to your monthly billing cycle.
  2. Set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
  3. Set up a recurring credit card payment.
  4. Send a check each month to Donor Relations.


For more information on how to join the Faithful Partner monthly giving program, please contact Stormie Foust Maley, Annual Giving Manager, at 720-974-3642 or

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