Residents at Dayspring Villa have always enjoyed the community’s beautiful garden, but now, thanks to Cody Klein and several other members of Boy Scout Troop 257, the garden features four wheelchair accessible planter boxes ideal for growing flowers and vegetables.

In his effort to complete service projects required for becoming an Eagle Scout, Cody was inspired by his grandmother to design and construct the boxes. He explained that, though she has challenges associated with dementia, the flower garden outside her window often helps lift her spirits. Since his grandmother lives out of state, Cody decided that he wanted to do something similar to enrich the lives of Dayspring Villa residents so he can give back to his community.

The new boxes have re-invigorated the Dayspring Gardening Club and have prompted even more residents to get involved with planting, weeding and watering. Opportunities have also come up for relationships to grow as Administrative Coordinator Stormie Foust details in this blog post.

Cody raised the majority of funds needed to make the flower boxes, a Dayspring Villa family member contributed and additional dollars were granted from our Mission Fulfillment fund to make this improvement a reality.

Everyone at the community extended a big “Thank you!” to Cody and the rest of the troop for their hard work. Their service has been a true blessing to the Dayspring Villa community.

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