Sometimes injustice will move us to the point that we take action.  In the case of Someren Glen resident Dee Deter, that action was writing a book. “Transformations: The Collection of Poetry, Prose and Musings” is a lifetime of writing, illustrated with beautiful photos she and her husband, Jack, have taken during their many travels. Dee assembled it when she learned her neighbor needed help paying her monthly rent at Someren Glen.

“We’re family here, and as a family, you take care of your own,” shares Dee.

The impetus of the collection was to offer it for sale and then donate 100% of the proceeds to the Resident Assistance Fund at Someren Glen. Her market: friends, family and anyone else who wanted a birds-eye view into her life. Dee felt that this was the most direct, positive impact she could have on her neighbor’s lives. “When a resident leaves us, it affects all of us here. It would be depressing to see a resident leave because they outlived their resources.”

Dee’s books flew off the shelf,  and she sold out of her 75 copies after offering them at Christian Living Communities annual fundraiser, Aged to Perfection last month. She donated every penny to the Resident Assistance Fund, all $1,135 worth. When people ask whether she’ll write another book, she says “The first one took way more work than I anticipated. But now that I know what’s involved, I am considering a second book. I have a few ideas…We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Dee’s involvement with her community never ceases. She gives of herself all the time. She knows that education is power, and she is an advocate for her neighbors. A problem-solver with a huge heart, Dee saw a need in her community and filled it. And she continues to do so every day.

Thank you, Dee, for your passion to help your neighbors in need stay in the community they love. You are a true Hero.


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