Did your 2018 Tax Return have you thinking about ways to ease the pain next year? Appreciated stock can be an excellent option to consider when making a charitable gift to Christian Living Communities because you don’t have to deplete your available cash on hand. Additionally, a gift of appreciated stock offers a tax advantage that doesn’t exist when donating cash.

By donating appreciated stock, you avoid paying capital gains tax when the stock is sold in the future. In addition, the stock can be repurchased if desired to reestablish the position at a new (current) cost basis.

Here’s an example.

Gift of Appreciated Stock

Consider a gift of stock with a $10,000 current market value, purchased years ago for $2,000:

$10,000 – Charitable donation (appreciated stock, cost basis of $2,000)

$2,800 – Federal income tax deduction (28% marginal income tax bracket)

$1,200 – Capital Gains tax not paid (15% long-term Capital Gains tax, applies when stock is sold)

$6,000 – After-tax ‘cost’ of gift

When thinking of your next gift to CLC, consider whether a gift of appreciated stock might be a good option.  For more information, please contact Stephanie Manley at smanley@clcliving.org or 720-974-3675.  All inquiries will be held in strict confidence.

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