We are thrilled to share that retiring Executive Director of Chaplain Services Jim Kok will be this year’s recipient of the CLC Earthen Vessel Award! This award is given annually to a person or persons who exemplify the biblical verse 2 Corinthians 4:7, allowing God’s gracious work to be done through them, a plain earthen vessel. Of all the wonderful people who give of themselves to CLC, there is no better example than Chaplain Jim. His work is a legacy of love.

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Jim’s 38-year career began as an activities associate at what is now our Clermont Park community. Jim left CLC briefly, but he was soon pulled back as others saw then in him, what we see now: someone called to serve others with love, compassion, humility, and humor. Even though Jim had no formal training, he was hired to replace CLC’s only staff chaplain. Jim jumped in with both feet, quickly completing formal training and learning what it meant to support a caring and mission-growth focused organization.

This willingness to grow, adapt, and meet the needs of an evolving organization are the hallmarks of Jim’s good works. Time and time again, he figured out how to grow the chaplain program to serve the needs of the residents, team members, and families of CLC.

Today, there are five full-time chaplains and one part-time chaplain supporting the organization. The vital distinction of CLC’s program is that the chaplains are part of the team - they are not just contract-workers who come in to provide religious services, like many other healthcare organizations. CLC chaplains welcome all those of faith and non-faith, providing individual care at every stage of life to residents, families, and team members.

Personal connections are the hallmark of the program, reflecting Jim’s legacy of love: a man who embodies CLC’s mission in motion.

Please join us to celebrate Jim as he receives the Earthen Vessel Distinguished Service Award at this year’s Founder’s Day Breakfast!

Learn more and register here.

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