"Well done, good and faithful servant!"
Matthew 25:21

Our beloved Executive Director of Chaplain Services Jim Kok retired in May 2024. We benefited from Jim’s talent and grace for nearly 38 years.

Join us as we reminisce, celebrate, and honor Jim whose fingerprints are so evident all over our organization.

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A Brief Look at Jim through the Years

Faithfulness Through the Years

August 1984 – Jim first joined the CLC family as an Activities Associate at the then University Hills Christian Nursing Home, now known as Clermont Park. Jim’s caring was evident from the beginning and his infectious smile and energy enlivened each day. Jim leveraged his musical gifts often to not only to entertain but to lift residents' and team members' spirits.

April 1992 – Jim left CLC for a short time, he took a moment to specialize as an entertainer for many communities and organizations in the Denver metro area, including the CLC communities. So, in some respects, he never really left!

November 8, 1993 – Jim returned home as a full-time Chaplain at CLC replacing the previous Chaplain Wayne Van Kampen. At that time, Jim did not have formal Chaplain training, but somehow, those around him just knew he was the right person for the job! Jim completed formal training and sought out continuous learning and growth.

Fall 1999 – Jim became the Director of Chaplain Services continually advocating for the role of Chaplain Services at CLC, and the organizational commitment to always have a Chaplain program. Jim eventually became the Executive Director leading a growing program with full and part-time paid staff Chaplains and a robust group of volunteers from various ministries to support the spiritual well-being of residents, team members and families.

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Leave a Message for Jim

Chaplain Jim has impacted so many of our lives over the last 38 years. We invite you to share well wishes for Jim or a favorite story or memory you share in the comments section below.


  • Bill and Sally Pratt,

    We pass Jim’s office frequently because Holly Creek has wisely integrated staff with residents by having staff offices scattered throughout the building.

    His warmth, compassion, and love are very evident. And he has a good sense of humor. He clearly respects differing points of view.

    Whenever he conducts or contributes to a “celebration of life” gathering he covers key points in their lives. Many times, we have seen him in his office talking with residents and family members so that he can be knowledgeable when he celebrates someone who has passed.

    We look forward to his monthly discussion topics on a variety of issues that always include thoughtful questions designed to promote in-depth discussions. He calls as many as he can for comments and questions. For the Wired Word discussions, he sends out a four-page “topic”, often on contemporary issues in the news. Earlier in our time at Holly Creek, the monthly group focused respectfully on various world religions, including how some religions have evolved over time such as Islam and Christianity. He often includes characteristics of various cultures and countries around the world.

    Chaplain Jim has added depth to our Christian living experience at Holly Creek. And he has taught about many religions respectfully as part of Wired Word.

    We have great love and respect for Chaplain Jim.

  • Donn Hansum,

    Congratulations, Jim on your retirment and your faithful years of service at CLC!! You have been a blessing there to so many, serving as Chaplain. Wishing you great fulfillment and fun in you next chapter of life. I am sure you will continue to be a blesseing wherever you find yourself. And welcome to the world of the retired!
    All the best to you!
    Donn Hansum

  • Calvin Harr,

    Congratulations Pastor Kok on your retirement and thank you for so many years of faithful service at Holly Creek! Your cheerful, supportive service to so many residents and their family members has been so appreciated and helpful. We will always remember your wonderful, welcoming smile, musical and vocal talents in addition to your pastoral messages and encouragement. Thank you personally for your loving care and attention to my mom, Irma as she lived happily and peacefully thru her final years at Holly Creek, and to our family, in particular, my wife Sharon and myself. We wish you all the best and good health as you turn to the next stage of your life. We have missed you and know others will, as well. Peace be with you and your family and enjoy your well deserved retirement! God has truly blessed you, and us with your service.

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