Commitment to mission and values remain, wrapped in a new brand image for Christian Living Communities

We are thrilled to share a brand-new look for Christian Living Communities (CLC). You may be asking yourself, why are we doing this?

It has been 17 years since we last updated our logo. We introduced the purple and copper lilies logo in 2005. While it has served us well with the powerful symbolism of love and life, our organization has grown considerably since 2005 — adding new communities, employees, and services — and we needed a logo to reflect these changes. Many branding experts recommend a logo refresh every 10 to 15 years. The global pandemic sidelined our efforts for a couple of years, and then we thought, why not launch a new look in our 50th year?

2022 is the perfect year for the refresh as we celebrate our golden jubilee 50th anniversary with a purposefully livelier look celebrating our roots while growing towards a vibrant future.

The rebranding research began last fall as we took the time to hear from residents, team members, and board members to understand what about CLC is essential to represent the organization in the future. “All are welcome regardless of religion, race, gender, preferences, etc.” and “I would like it to help people understand the spiritual component of the organization” were some of the comments shared.

Our vibrant new look and feel for the organization quickly conveys two cornerstone truths about CLC: we are a proud faith-based organization, and we have been, and will always be, committed to life and growth for each person who lives and works in CLC communities.

The logo encapsulates both faith values and growth in the creative design with an emblem that some may interpret as a faith symbol, the fish, and others may interpret as a growth or life symbol, the leaf. Both are equally true. Additionally, the colors selected—versions of blue, green and orange—represent stability, growth, harmony, enthusiasm, health and happiness, among other meanings.

“We are extremely excited about the new logo and want to thank everyone involved in the creation of it,” shared Jill Vitale-Aussem, CLC’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This new look embraces what Christian Living Communities is all about and will help us as we move forward with a renewed commitment to creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.”

We invite you to look at this handout that we’ve shared with residents, team members, and families to better understand the deep meaning behind our new look; we hope you like it as much as we do!

National senior living publication McKnight’s Senior Living recently shared the story of CLC’s logo update and reveal. Read the feature from McKnight’s.


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Pam Sullivan

Pam Sullivan, Vice-President of Strategy and Communications, joined the team in 2004 in the Donor Relations department. Since then, she has held various positions include Donor Relations Director, Executive Director of Marketing and Vice-President of Engagement. Pam is responsible for internal and external communications, branding and brand messaging, crisis communication and guiding and supporting strategic initiatives. She is a “go to” in figuring out new projects and building a work flow.

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