Christian Living Communities (CLC) is thrilled to unveil a vibrant new website that better reflects our organizational spirit of revolutionizing aging services.

In 2022 CLC shared a refreshed logo with more vibrant colors and a better representation of our organization's deep faith-based roots, which have led to impressive new growth in our non-profit's 50-plus years of service.

This week, a new website completes the journey to better convey our commitment to revolutionizing and transforming the aging experience.

CLC's Citizenship Model of community living is based on a culture where each resident and team member is considered a valued citizen with influence, autonomy, and who each, in their own unique way, contribute to the vibrant fabric of community life. We needed our website to better convey our vision of creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated. I think we absolutely did that with this new look. Skimming through the pages, you understand who we are and our strong commitment to changing the perception of aging and aging services."

- Jill Vitale-Aussem, CLC President and CEO

The CLC marketing team had to look outside traditional senior living creative options to find something that would fit the bill. "When we looked at the website templates out there for senior living, they all looked the same. CLC is not a cookie-cutter organization. So, we ended up adapting an extreme-sports template. Older adulthood should be filled with promise, contribution, and exploration of interests and passions. That's what we've tried to convey by adapting a 'non-senior industry' template for our new site," stated Robin Visser, Director of Marketing and Digital Strategies.

The site serves as a "connections hub" for the organization. Older adults and their families seeking to understand and find senior living options can explore an abundance of information. Job seekers can quickly connect with opportunities and benefits, and those who want to support the CLC mission can easily find giving opportunities that will enrich the lives of older adults. Additionally, CLC shares best practices and thought leadership with others throughout the site, from blogs to position papers.

"CLC has always been a sharing organization. We want to help 'raise each other up,' sharing our insights and lessons learned as we reshape what it means to grow older. Sharing our thought leadership is an important component of this new site," shared Pam Sullivan, Vice President of Communications & Philanthropy. "We also dedicated a section to our Cappella Living Solutions division, where we help others through consulting and third-party management services."

You may want to start your website exploration on our new Who We Are page with a message from Jill sharing more about our organizational philosophy. We have also built out a more robust history section. Our first 50 years were amazing, and we look forward to a bright tomorrow and what the next 50 years will bring.

On our Non-Profit Difference, page you’ll find helpful information about the difference between non-profit and for-profit senior living organizations. At CLC we embrace full transparency. Here you’ll find our financials, our 990 forms, and annual reports.

We do things a little bit differently than most. We have a Signature Programs and Partnerships page that will help you really understand that difference and why it is important.

“Our sincerest hope is that visitors to our site take a little time to explore all the rich information provided. We hope that we’ve designed the site to be easier to navigate and more intuitive in finding the exact information you are looking for," adds Visser. “We simply want to be of the best service we can.”

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