Christian Living Communities (CLC) proudly announces that three of its senior living communities have been honored with the prestigious Telligen B.E.S.T. in Class Award. This recognition, awarded to the skilled nursing neighborhoods of Clermont Park, Holly Creek, and Casey’s Pond, reflects CLC’s commitment to excellence and its philosophy of creating vibrant, caring, and supportive environments for older adults.

Three CLC communities led just 15 communities in Colorado to win this highly coveted recognition in the senior living industry. Only 76 communities across Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, and Oklahoma were honored.  “We are so proud of the men and women who work tirelessly daily to keep our communities and residents safe. This award is a direct result of that commitment,” said Angela Allen, VP of Clinical Services for Christian Living Communities.

The prestigious award is reserved for skilled nursing communities demonstrating exceptional performance, innovation, and a strong focus on resident well-being. At CLC, our commitment to resident well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that every senior deserves a fulfilling and enriching life, and we strive to create communities where residents can thrive physically, emotionally, and socially. This commitment is evident in the exceptional achievements of Casey’s Pond, Clermont Park, and Holly Creek, each of which has excelled in key areas of senior care.

Casey’s Pond, nestled in the scenic beauty of Steamboat Springs, CO,  Clermont Park a life plan community located in Denver, and Holly Creek, a luxurious life plan senior living community in suburban Denver have each been recognized for their exemplary proactive efforts in resident well-being, including COVID-19 vigilance, emergency preparedness, infection control training, and preventive care strategies.

Telligen B.E.S.T. in Class Award Pillars of Excellence

The prestigious Telligen B.E.S.T. in Class Award recognizes four key areas, highlighting each community’s excellence and dedication to resident well-being.

  1. Blue Ribbon in COVID-19 Vigilance: a proactive approach to pandemic management earned them the Blue Ribbon in COVID-19 Vigilance award for three quarters in 2023. This achievement showcases the community’s dedication to prioritizing the health and safety of residents and staff during challenging times.
  2. Telligen’s Emergency Preparedness Assessment: By completing Telligen’s Emergency Preparedness Assessment, each community demonstrated its readiness to handle emergencies effectively and ensure the continuity of care for its residents, reinforcing their well-being and security.
  3. Infection Prevention and Control Training: With at least 75% of staff completing comprehensive infection prevention and control training, all three communities established a culture of accountability and responsibility, creating a safe and hygienic environment for residents.
  4. Reducing Preventable Emergency Department Visits: each community’s efforts in reducing preventable emergency department visits by 5% or ranking within the top 25% of Telligen’s enrolled communities highlight its commitment to proactive healthcare management and preventive care strategies.

Christian Living Communities Prioritizes Resident Care

The success of these communities is a reflection of CLC’s commitment to fostering environments where each community can excel. Our philosophy revolves around creating communities prioritizing resident-centered care, safety, and well-being. We provide comprehensive training and resources to our staff, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional care to our residents.

Additionally, CLC encourages a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We regularly assess and update our practices to align with industry best practices and evolving resident needs. This commitment to excellence is ingrained in the culture of each CLC-managed or owned community, leading to exceptional outcomes like winning the Telligen Best in Class Award.

CLC’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of community engagement and social connection. We offer a wide range of activities, programs, and events designed to promote social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation among residents. Living with purpose is a key tenant that is instilled in all of our communities. This vibrant community life, in addition to top-quality health care, contributes to the overall well-being and happiness of the residents.

Christian Living Communities is honored to have three of its senior living communities recognized with the Telligen Best in Class Award. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence, resident-centered care, and continuous improvement. We are proud of the dedication and hard work of our staff at Casey’s Pond, Clermont Park, and Holly Creek, and we remain committed to providing exceptional experiences for older adults in all our communities.

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