In a time of increased living costs, it’s no wonder that more team members are turning to the Critical Needs Fund for some help to get by. U.S. News & World Report says that Denver is the 16th most expensive city in the United States to live, and the only city in the top 20 that isn’t located in a coastal area. And according to the Colorado Health Foundation, 85% of Coloradans say that the high cost of living is an “extremely or very serious” problem for them.

A punctured tire, an unexpected bill, or an urgent medical need can quickly become a crisis for CLC team members. Last year, thanks to caring supporters like you, team members received more than $49,000 in financial assistance to help them navigate emergency situations like these.

Unfortunately, the increased number of requests for assistance has depleted the available funds to a critically low level. We are asking caring supporters like you to extend a helping hand to CLC team members by making a gift to the Critical Needs Fund. CLC team members bring their whole hearts to their work supporting older adults. Please consider sharing your heart and kindness with them.

You will be helping team members like Alex (not her real name), a QMAP in a CLC assisted living neighborhood. Alex is known by residents and families alike for her gentle, caring approach and warm personality. She had been told by her dentist several years ago that she would need to have her wisdom teeth removed. She didn’t have the funds to get the surgery at the time, so she put it off.

Last year her wisdom teeth started causing problems: “I was having headaches and pain in my jaw,” Alex said. The need for surgery had become urgent, but she still didn’t have a way to pay for it. “It’s a very expensive surgery and I just don’t have that kind of money sitting in my pocket,” she explained.

A fellow team member recommended that she apply for Critical Needs. Funded by kind and generous CLC supporters, the Critical Needs Fund was created to help team members in exactly these kinds of emergency situations.

She applied and was impressed with the quick funding approval she received for her surgery. “It was super helpful,” she said. “It didn’t cover all of it, but it did cover quite a bit, which was a relief.”

She’s grateful to be part of an organization where caring supporters extend a helping hand to team members like her when life gets tough. “I was able to get the surgery timely,” she said, preventing further dental issues down the road. “I’m very thankful.”

We deeply appreciate the kind supporters who gave Alex help right when she needed it most. Can you lend a helping hand to CLC team members like Alex by making a gift to the Critical Needs Fund today?

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