At Christian Living Communities chaplains provide compassionate support for all members of the community, no matter their religious beliefs.

In honor of Chaplain Jim Kok’s 38 years of service to CLC, we will spend 2024 sharing the many stories and impactful differences of our meaningful chaplain program and how you can Strengthen the Foundation for future needs.

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Our chaplains are part of the “the secret sauce” to making our communities a vibrant place to live and work in.

We know that chaplains spend a significant amount of time on personal visits with residents, families, and team members. Our chaplains are a wonderful source of comfort, wisdom, and strength.

Did you know that the fact CLC has full-time and part-time chaplains on staff is rather unusual? Most healthcare providers contract chaplain services – at CLC they’re part of the community. Our chaplains are with us as we navigate life’s challenges and celebrations.

Our chaplains are someone we can sit with and laugh. Learn and share. Chaplains are trusted confidantes, teachers, and encouragers.

We will share stories that inspire, encourage, and teach us about the many ways that chaplain services impact daily life.

Make a gift to the chaplain program today to honor Jim.



About the Author

Stephanie Manley

Stephanie Manley is the Director of Philanthropy at Christian Living Communities. She has demonstrated a passion for building relationships with residents and staff. As a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), Stephanie is committed to ensuring our organization maintains ethical and accountable fundraising principles. She is passionate about being part of a mission-driven organization that invests in providing older adults with compassionate and purposeful living opportunities.

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