By: Angela Green Urbaczewski, Founder & Fractional CMO at RevOpp.AI 

Following more than a decade helping organizations like Christian Living Communities scale their digital marketing strategies, I’ve embraced how artificial intelligence (AI) will transform and revolutionize marketing in the coming months and years. As we launch 2024 marketing and revenue efforts, consider how AI can help you multiply results for your team.

Search Engine Optimization & Keyword Search Will Experience Dramatic Change

OpenAI’s Chat GPT acquired 100 million users in the first two months after its launch in November 2022. By November 2023, estimates were 100 million weekly users of ChatGPT, another 100 million for Meta’s Threads, and 30 million for Google AI’s Bard.

These new tools are quickly cutting into traditional search volume, and AI summaries infrequently cite their sources. This obscures the benefits of a key strategy used by many senior living providers: consistently developing original content to build domain authority, keyword ranking and brand trust.

How to use AI in your digital marketing

Don’t Get Caught in the AI Content Trap

As quickly as marketers are adopting AI to generate content, tools are being developed to identify AI-generated content. Search engines haven’t yet announced that they are de-prioritizing this content in search. Yet marketing and AI leaders have expressed concerns about a race to mediocrity in content development, and a resulting loss of customer trust and confidence in online sources.

However, AI tools like Descript are helping organizations quickly version and easily edit original podcast or webinar content into blogs, transcripts and shorter social videos. Look for tools that will help you quickly version and distribute your original content across channels.

In 2024, expect new ranking methods and screens from both large language models (LLMs) and search engines to reward original content, brand comparison tools, and even GPTs that can be used in decision-making on your product.

Look for tools that will help you quickly version and distribute your original content across channels."

Put Templated Branding in the Team’s Hands

Whether you are launching a new business line, brand, or market, tools like and can quickly generate a new brand look and feel, logo, or brand kit. Spending less time building out templates and brand standard tools can give you more time to develop powerful campaigns. This allows you to put consistent branding tools in the hands of your field teams and non-designers.

Tools like Jasper.AI can house not only brand standards, but voice and tone, accelerating your content development, reducing edit versions, and keeping multiple writers or contractors on brand with less oversight.

Leveraging AI in Digital Marketing Strategy

Build Customer Journeys & Reports Like a Data Scientist

Tools like Deepnote, Knime, and Co-Pilot help curious marketers clean and slice customer data without the help of a data scientist or using code like SQL or R. These no-code tools have helped us quickly identify key triggers in the customer journey, identify new revenue opportunities, and significantly shorten the path to building workflows and content that improve conversions for key customer segments.

Some of these tools integrate with your CRM, Google Analytics, and revenue platforms to make ongoing trend reporting visible to your C suite without expensive packages like Power BI, Tableau, or Salesforce.

Leverage Multi-Modal Tools

2023 was the year of language-based tool explosion, with the emergence of Google Gemini in December, Midjourney, and other tools that generate images, datasets, and code. Expect 2024 to be the year that generating coding, data sets, and video with AI will become commonplace. At RevOpp.AI, we are already using these tools to quickly build new prospect lists for look-alike audiences, build presentations and online learning tools, workflow customer journeys, and leverage existing photo and video libraries for fresh creative approaches.

Expect 2024 to be the year that generating coding, data sets, and video with AI will become commonplace."

Don’t Give Away Your Secret Sauce: Devote Time to Testing & Learning

Of course, any discussion of leveraging artificial intelligence must include an evaluation of company and customer data security. It’s essential your organization collaborate on an AI usage policy and assure eager team members are not dumping thousands of customer records or company secrets into free, public versions of OpenAI, Bard, or Claude.

This is why I recommend that any organization first look at the AI capabilities that have been added to their existing software subscriptions. Review what capabilities have been added, prioritize where you can test to quickly achieve new efficiencies, and devote time weekly to learning and training with team members.

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About the Author

Angela Green Urbaczewski

Angela Green Urbaczewski brings 26 years of marketing and revenue leadership, including 11 years in VP and C-Suite roles growing companies from $20M to $120M annual revenue. She has led dozens of digital transformations and mar-tech stack buildouts, consistently driving double-digit sales and revenue growth in year one in her leadership roles. Angela is a Certified SCRUM Product Owner and is presently pursuing her post-graduate certificate in AI for Business Leaders from University of Texas McComb’s School of Business. Angela holds a B.A. in Economics from Truman State University.

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