We are thrilled to introduce our new refreshed values!

We’re refreshing our values because organizations, like people, evolve over time. And we realized that we needed a slight update, while not losing our foundational values, to fully capture what it means to be a part of Christian Living Communities.

When we talk with residents and team members about what makes CLC special, time and time again, people talk about the feeling of belonging they find in our organization and the desire to create an environment even more rich in relationships. Belonging has always been part of who we are but has never been formalized as a value. And it’s important that people understand what matters when they join our organization or make a CLC community their home.

Through a process involving leaders, residents, team members and the Board of Directors, we have added a new We! Belong value. An amazing group of team members gathered last month to work on what it means to create a culture of belonging, how to best update our values, and to set the course for our work in months and years to come. The video below shares with you the impactful day we had together.


You’ll notice we also did a slight update of the other three We! Value statements.

We! Values and descriptions

Creating a Culture of Belonging is part of CLC’s commitment, Creating Community, to not only “create communities where aging is honored and celebrated”, but create communities where each person feels wanted, valued, represented, and can contribute to the fabric of our organization – to feel they truly belong. To hear more about our commitment to We! Belong and refreshing our values, watch the message below from CLC President & CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem.


This work is a journey. We’re still at the beginning of this walk together, and we do not see an end to it, as cultural work is always ongoing. Over the next few months, a committee of team members and residents will be creating a formal structure to help guide us.

Visit our We! Culture page to learn more.


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Pam Sullivan, Vice-President of Strategy and Communications, joined the team in 2004 in the Donor Relations department. Since then, she has held various positions include Donor Relations Director, Executive Director of Marketing and Vice-President of Engagement. Pam is responsible for internal and external communications, branding and brand messaging, crisis communication and guiding and supporting strategic initiatives. She is a “go to” in figuring out new projects and building a work flow.

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