Part of living well is keeping gratitude in our hearts every day. November, however, remains a special time when we come together to name and give thanks for our blessings and abundance. It’s the natural rhythm of harvest. It’s a time for rest and reflection; a moment to stop and look at what we have accomplished.

As part of this season of gratitude, we want to share with you what your support of Christian Living Communities accomplished this year. This is a part of the blessings you made possible for residents and team members:

  • Inflation Relief Funds – as team members struggled to navigate higher costs for food and transportation, your gifts allowed for temporary financial assistance that allowed them to breathe a little easier paying for the necessities of daily life.
  • Gardening Projects – Because of you, the residents of Clermont Park were able to purchase flowers and supplies for their garden, gorgeously bringing life to their landscaping and inspiring purpose through this resident-led project. You also provided for the revitalization of the outdoor resident spaces at Dayspring Villa by adding patio furniture, replacing two planter boxes, providing a new garden supply box, and bringing in fresh soil for the resident garden.
  • Concerts and Music Therapy – Your support meant that residents of Clermont Park and Holly Creek had regular concerts as well as music therapy at Holly Creek.
  • Knitting, Movie Nights, and Discovery Stations – At Someren Glen, your gifts funded a new TV so residents can enjoy movie nights, supplies for the knitting group, and discovery stations where women living with dementia can explore costume jewelry and put on makeup, engaging in purpose and self-care.
  • Respite Retreats – Because of you, team members and their families could relax and rejuvenate surrounded by nature at the Historic Pines Ranch. They were then able to come back to work, refreshed and ready to give 100% to their community.

Did you realize what joy and well-being your gift was going to bring? It did! Please accept our sincere thanks for everything that you made possible this year. May you and your loved ones celebrate a feast of abundance and peace.


About the Author

Stormie Foust Maley

Stormie Foust Maley, Annual Giving Manager, is a born Midwesterner and Certified Eden Alternative Educator who believes passionately that individuals can make a difference in the lives of others. She worked for nine and a half years at Dayspring Villa Assisted Living, a neighborhood of Christian Living Communities, prior to her role as Annual Giving Manager. There she learned firsthand the joy of building a purposeful and resilient community through a person-directed care mindset.

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