About four years ago, Christian Living Communities faced a problem: resident turnover at Holly Creek was too high. They began working with a startup company, DispatchHealth, to bring urgent care services to residents, and within a year, turnover was down to normal levels and emergency room visits were less frequent.

In those early days, DispatchHealth created mobile units consisting of a nurse practitioner and an emergency medical responder. These teams would be dispatched in specially equipped vehicles to address a variety of conditions that might otherwise lead to an ER visit or hospitalization.

Residents also have enjoyed the convenience of receiving medical care on-site and avoiding the hassle and increased expense of emergency room visits.

That partnership continues, and Christian Living Communities is proud to have been part of leading the way! Other senior living providers across the nation are now using DispatchHealth.

To read more about our partnership with DispatchHealth, you can read the full article on Senior Housing News. Part of the information above was excerpted from that article.

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