To effectively manage a senior living community or service, managers often need to prevent team member turnover. We’ve discovered several approaches that have made a big difference in the communities and services we manage.

The following interview contains excerpts from Senior Housing News and first appeared on their website on January 14, 2018.

The Value of Mentoring

Mentorship is a vital tool senior living providers can use to give new employees purpose, according to Jan Roth, vice president of talent resources for Christian Living Communities (CLC) and Cappella Living Solutions. Together, we currently own and manage 14 communities spread across four states.

“A mentor can be a fabulous CNA who’s been trained to hold their hand during that first day on the job,” Roth said.

The Exit Interview

“Even if you terminate somebody, let them know this is not personal,” Roth noted. “Set up that they had an impact, and even though we wished it would have been different, we appreciate what they did.”

This approach helps CLC rehire some of its former employees who left on good terms. The nonprofit sometimes reaches out to former employees with letters and small gifts in the hopes they might walk back through the door.

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