Surrounded by friends and family, Frank Asiedu marked the end of nearly a six-year journey last month as he proudly received his Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Colorado. A caregiver in Holly Creek’s Alpine Assisted Living neighborhood, Asiedu’s successful journey to become a registered nurse was made possible, in part, thanks to the generosity of donors.

Asiedu joined CLC nearly six years ago after previously working as a server and then caregiver for another senior living community. In his homeland of Ghana, he had earned a Degree in Economics and worked in banking for a short time. But he didn’t love the repetitive nature or the shallow relationships.

Serving and caring for older adults is a different story. Asiedu, who received tuition assistance totaling $9,400 from the Employee Scholarship Fund to help pay for nursing school, plans to take his board exam in July and then apply for a Registered Nurse position at CLC. “I look forward to the challenge of working as a nurse at CLC,” he says.

He’s thankful for the donors who have helped make his education possible, and for being a part of CLC. “Life is not measured by how many cars you have, but what you contribute to society,” he says. “I believe God placed me here to be helpful.”

As of June, 10 CLC team members have received more than $23,000 in tuition assistance this year. If you are interested in making dreams come true for more team members, consider supporting the Employee Scholarship Fund with a tax-deductible donation.

Questions? Contact CLC’s Donor Relations Department at 720-974-3555.

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