For 95-year-old Sandra, a retired nurse and mother of 11, family has always been the center of her world. When she moved to Dayspring Villa, a neighborhood of Christian Living Communities, she didn’t enjoy her apartment nor social events. Mostly, she spent her days alone in the foyer, waiting for someone to come visit.

That’s not the Sandra of today, thanks to the generosity of donors who funded an IN2L system for the Assisted Living Community near downtown Denver. The system uses a picture-based touch-screen interface enabling Sandra and other residents to “touch” their way to find engaging, educational, personalized content.

Sandra has come out of her shell. She loves the Travel Section, where she delights in slide shows of her home state of New Mexico that remind her of her family and life growing up on a farm. She glows with pride when answering the state trivia questions and has bonded with residents she found out are also from New Mexico!

On days when Sandra, a devout Catholic, is in need of spiritual comfort, team members have played daily mass from the National Cathedral by way of the system. One night when Sandra was particularly anxious, her care team was able via a system tablet to share a comforting, reassuring video from her daughter.

Now, Sandra is the first person to join in games, trivia, and conversation-starters the community conducts around IN2L programming. She joyfully shares her stories with neighbors and team members, shedding weary loneliness for meaningful engagement.

Thanks for transforming Sandra’s life and others by generously supporting Christian Living Communities.

If you’d like to be part of efforts like this, you can donate now.

Shown in the photo with the IN2L system is Latoya Garcia, the Executive director of Dayspring VIlla.

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