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We understand that transitioning to senior living can be overwhelming, but with the help of our knowledgeable senior living professionals, we can help mitigate some stress points so you can focus on the most important thing at hand: making the right choice for yourself or your loved one. To help you get started, explore CLC's portfolio of communities and services.

Holly Creek residents walking their dogs on nearby trail


Benefits of Community Living

Living in community can have a tremendous positive impact on our health and overall quality of life in all stages of life, but especially in older adulthood. According to the CDC, loneliness and isolation have measurable effects on our health as we age. Meaningful friendships and social connections, numerous pathways for continued growth, and opportunities to contribute our gifts are just a few of the tangible ways that community living sets us up for a healthy aging journey. Learn more about CLC's Citizenship Model for community life.

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What are Life Plan and Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

Many CLC communities offer a full continuum of care – meaning all levels of care and service are on one campus, easily accessible by all residents should a change in health needs occur. Additionally, part of our commitment to caring for residents is offering the option of a Life Plan agreement at two of our communities, providing peace of mind with a guaranteed plan for the future.

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Senior Living Amenities

Each CLC community is thoughtfully designed with a spectrum of amenities that support enriching, active lifestyles for older adults. Community gathering areas, gardens, games and billiards rooms, fitness centers and pools, various dining options, libraries, theaters, spas and salons, art galleries, wood shops, and resident-run boutiques are some of the amenities you’ll find at CLC communities. We strive to offer residents from all walks of life opportunities to pursue their interests, stay physically active, and enjoy time with friends, families, and neighbors to live a life filled with purpose.

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How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

We know that the cost of living is one of the most important factors when choosing a senior living community. It's understandable to wonder if staying at home would be more economical. However, once rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, property taxes, transportation, groceries, and other household expenses are added up, the costs associated with staying at home might be more comparable to a senior living community than you would have thought. Download our Expense Comparison Sheet to see how your personal home-related costs compare.