Learn How to Prevent A Potentially Deadly Outbreak

If you want to cause panic on an airplane, yell “Bomb!” If you want to cause panic among the staff of a senior-living community, mention that you suspect a case of norovirus. Arguably, norovirus is the single biggest source of chaos and upheaval in any retirement or skilled nursing community.

This highly contagious infection causes severe gastrointestinal distress, spreads like wildfire, and remains active (and able to infect others) for as long as 72 hours. But we have a solution to prevent an outbreak.

We’re pleased to introduce a better alternative to battling norovirus – a comprehensive guide to help prevent an outbreak from occurring at all.

Since implementing the steps detailed in this guide at three of our large, Life-Plan communities (CCRCs), we’ve experienced an 83% reduction in norovirus outbreaks – see infographic above.

Our guide will provide detailed step-by-step strategies for keeping the virus out of your community in the first place, and details about how to immediately react to prevent one case of norovirus from turning into an outbreak.

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“After our horrible year of 2014 when we essentially had to cancel Christmas at one community, we knew we had to do better. This guide is the result of hundreds of hours of intensive work, research and collaborative partnership between clinical and environmental services. The results have made for happier and healthier communities.” -Pat McBride, RN, MSN, Vice-President of Clinical Services and Compliance


Preventing Norovirus: Better for Everyone

A norovirus outbreak can be devastating for residents, loved ones who aren’t able to visit them, your staff, your community’s reputation, even your bottom line. Even worse? Norovirus contracted by immunocompromised older adults can be deadly.

The Norovirus Prevention Guide will teach you:

  • How to identify norovirus symptoms early
  • Immediate isolation procedures for individuals suspected of having the illness
  • Best practices including the specific products and equipment to have on-hand at all times
  • Which EPA-registered disinfection products are most effective
  • Guidelines for outbreak investigation and documentation
  • Lessons via examples and case-study scenarios gleaned from past outbreaks

You can receive this step-by-step guide for your community to effectively combat the spread of norovirus. Acquiring one downloadable PDF provides one community full rights to print as many copies as needed for distribution in that community. Multiple copies may be utilized for multi-site organizations. Contact us for more information at info@clcliving.org.